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  12. The things I mostly get spanked for, rudeness, sulkiness, bad temper etc, are faults of character that I know will occur again and again, and I don't think my husband expects spanking to cure them permanently, and I would find it terribly stressful if I thought he imagined that spanking me was going to make those things disappear permanently, because unfortunately I don't think they will!
  14. by Louise C on 2004 Dec 20 - 05:59 | reply to this comment
  15. That is true for me, too
  16. Your comment about respecting his right to tell you what to do and his competence and all that hit home for me. This is the major difference between our life now and pre-DD/Taken In Hand. This is what truly changes my behavior. The spankings serve to remind me that he is really serious about certain rules, so they aid a bit. And I am not too fond of the level of pain that those punishment spankings get to, though we do some purely connective and purely erotic spanking as well. The punitive ones are of a different caliber and they are a deterrent for me. I like the stinging bottom, I would just rather get it from a less severe spanking, LOL.
  18. Otter*
  20. by Otter* on 2004 Dec 22 - 02:22 | reply to this comment
  21. Policing would not be necessary
  22. I know this is something of a 'spin-off' from the original subject of this thread, but I would like to comment on Otter's post in the context of something I read in another discussion forum.

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