Truth and Choices of BBW Free Dating

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  10. Who wants the help of someone who is only providing it out of some warped sense of obligation? You want someone to help you because they love you and know that you love them and would do anything you can to help them.
  12. I apologize for the cynicism. When I feel sad and bitter, I get a bit cynical.
  14. If you truly believe he loves you and wants to help you, be honest with him and get his help. Men can't always be expected to know what's going on in a woman's mind. If he cared enough to ask you to take the time out for yourself, I'm sure he cares enough to make it possible for you to do so.
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  17. I will admit, for as smart as I think I am, there are times I am a slow learner. Not that I don't grasp a concept immediately, learn fast and apply quickly, I do. But somehow, when it comes to myself, my priorities don't always mesh the way my husband wants them to. I know his concern for me is primary. Why is so very hard for me to be in the same starting gate as he, when it comes to myself? I'll tell you my newest learning curve. For a very long time I did what I was told regarding my well being...(Mostly). I use this qualifier because it saved me many a week from downright lying. It just destroys me to think I might disappoint Gary. His unhappiness with me is worse than anything else I can absorb. He is rarely unhappy. It's his own rule that I take care of myself where I walk the line with. For a very long time I talked, sulked, reasoned, was impatient and on occasion, even frustrated at his lack of patience to understand my time restraints on getting it all done. From time to time he would spank me over this. And between me and the bedsheets, I was able to sexualize these type of spankings so things went just fine. Fast forward to last week or so. He was away on business. I went crazy with commitments and he came home and I was no one he ever saw before. I was a physical wreck. The very next day he took me in hand and applied a very strong spanking that left no room for sexualizing. No fun at all! Would I go out of my way to skip that experience again. I have to tell you, I don't think so!

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