All good dating advice.

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  10. Well, my long term plan was to get her back with no discernable timetable and the best strategy for me was to implemented NC so I could pull her torward me and it worked at first. She always initiated contact. I kept things friendly when we spoke, joked around, let her lead the conversation, and always ended the conversation first. I listened to her, gave her feedback, joked around but never put her down. In fact, our conversations have been pleasant although when she came back from her trip abroad she sounded depressed so demonstrated genuine concern and hoped she would cheer up. I even squeezed in an opportunity to get compliance from her by asking her to do me a favor and she did it. I’m not sure what to do next other than sticking with what I’m doing. I’m waiting for the right moment to escalate but I’m not getting any of the typical attraction cues on her part.
  12. paul Says:
  13. February 15th, 2011 at 6:21 pm
  14. I had a break up about two weeks ago and did all the bad things guys do to win them back. Wrote her a song, multiple letters, apologies and even a heated discussion to prove my anger for her not wanting to at least see that it would be different. Communication was the hitch and now the urge to communicate is sickening. I was getting out of the house and still plan to this week, meet new girls, new people, have fun, and just stay busy. However, last weekend the booty call got dropped, and I went over there and took care of that…several times. We parted in the morning as we used to, kisses smiles and hugs, and see you laters. We lightly texted Sunday wishing her good luck on her new job starting Monday. Then said i was happy she was back in her element and for the hell of it happy valentine’s day. I got no response. Now she reminded me before we hooked up about her date and my response was light, “That’s cool, I’ve got a date Tuesday night.” Which i do. I know I just need to completely back off and let her initiate contact as she did over the weekend. I’ve deleted her emails/txts/phone number so I wouldn’t contact her. I want her and don’t want to be used at the same time. I’ve got alot to do this week and planning each night brings more and more fun to my table. I’m working out really aggressively to counter the yearnings I feel. Is this the correct approach for this moment?

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