Going back to free online dating

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  1. https://nr.tn/3qmbLE3
  2. https://bit.ly/3ipBWFx
  3. https://bit.ly/3L6mtXi
  4. https://bit.ly/3IJbG3L
  5. https://bit.ly/3IwRIJ2
  6. https://bit.ly/3tuv4Nc
  7. https://bit.ly/3L6mxGw
  8. https://bit.ly/3Jy2gcq
  9. https://bit.ly/3L8b0GK
  10. https://bit.ly/3IwvSWb
  12. Wow, what a twist. And **I** always resent the fact that **I** don't bring in enough money. But I find ways to survive and support the woman who chooses to be with me. NO woman who has EVER been by my side has found it NECESSARY to work for us to survive. I have a "wired in" obligation to support her. If she can't understand that or refuses to comply with that, then the relationship ceases. I have EXTREME difficulty understanding a man who feels otherwise.
  14. The "Old School" concept is embedded into every fiber of my being, so to deny it is to deny myself and my very identity.
  16. Mike Starre
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  19. Equality?
  20. Since I started reading this site a few months ago, I have always been surprised to see articles that favor an un-equal relationship. The reason is that in my mind's eye, equality does not mean being the same and having the same. Equality means bringing your specific gifts into the marriage/relationship and having those gifts appreciated. From this view, my husband and I are very equal.
  22. He brings his great qualities and I bring my great qualities. Some of those qualities are the same (we share parenting values, business eithics and formal schooling); but some of those things are very different. For instance, I am better at creating our home environment - and while he appreciates that he doesn't live is squalor and his home is nice to look at as well as to live in - he in no way wants to be involved with the choice of curtins, carpet, floors, appliances, paint color, etc. If I asked him to go with me to a home store, he would say "why - don't you feel like driving?" LOL. He on the other hand is better than me at taking care of the outside of our home, the cars, the stuff in the garage that I don't touch. In addition, he is better at teaching our children what it means to be a man & I am better at teaching them what it means to be a woman. We are cetainly different. And we are certainly equal.

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