Are those the same as beta blockers?

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  8. This is fair. I think the duck that I posted for Definite Beta’s friend can also apply to girls as well.
  10. I was scared to even talk to guys I liked until I was like 18, so as you can imagine I had absolutely ZERO love life in high school. Even having the confidence to make friendly conversation can make a massive difference.
  12. 117SayWhaat April 16, 2013 at 1:26 pm
  13. According to the stats Susan posted in the other thread, it’s 95.5% with an N of 6 or less.
  15. My bad, I hit the wrong button when typing. :)
  17. I think how it adds up is that very few guys meet the girls they hook up with or date via cold approaches. It seems logical to me that a large percentage of those “warm” meet ups are going to occur with the more social, outgoing girls.
  19. Makes sense. Though I wonder why guys are going for the social girls with tons of male attention. If they’re worried about looking creepy/getting blown out, the risk of rejection is way higher in that social environment, no?
  21. 118Passer_By April 16, 2013 at 1:28 pm
  22. “For every complaint about how girls don’t give enough attention to guys, you could probably find 10 girls who had no friggin’ clue that anybody was looking.”
  24. Actually, this started with a “complaint” (or so it seemed to me) from Stickwick that guys ignored her despite her “pretty face, long blonde hair, and a killer athletic bod” because she didn’t dress or act slutty. I’m just suggesting that when a woman finds herself in that situation, she is probably getting a lot more looks than she knows and should ask herself what kind of standoffish signals she is sending. Not suggesting she’s a bitch, just that something in her behavior is being interpreted as not being interested.
  26. 119SayWhaat April 16, 2013 at 1:29 pm
  27. Will she be asked out, engaged in conversation or at least acknowledged by the males around her? Specially if there is a slutty dressed girl flirting in a matter that shows that she is one margarita away from taking her bra off in her presence?
  29. Exactly.
  31. Even having the confidence to make friendly conversation can make a massive difference.

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