Seduction into male dominance

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  14. Another situation here. Say you’re in Barnes & Noble shopping around and you notice a beautiful girl standing in the fantasy, poetry or romance novel section of the store. She’s not going to chase you. Her demeanor is almost spaced out as she lives deeply in her imagination. This type of woman wants adventure and a prince charming or bad boy type of boyfriend she reads about in her books. There’s a very good chance she grew up loving Disney movies and still imagines real-life can be lived just like that. It’s your job to be her prince charming. Let her live out her romantic fantasies through you and she’ll be yours. We’ll call her “The Dreamer” and you can find her the same way as the The Depressed Beauty. She will look very innocent and child-like with a twinkle in her eye.
  16. Personally, I prefer Dreamers and Depressed women because the seduction is very fun and once you have her you REALLY have her. The Tigress is cool at time, but I prefer the chase as opposed to being chased. Different strokes for different folks.
  18. A true womanizer may have relationships but they always prefer booty calls. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you should know exactly what a booty call is. But just in case let me give you the definition. A booty call is usually reserved for late nights, although it can occur at any time during the day. This is when a man or woman calls his “friend with benefits” for a love session. This is still a type of relationship albeit with no strings attached.
  20. Many people will call this type of arrangement shallow, but let them call it what they will. As mentioned a true player or womanizer creates his own rules and likewise with female counterparts. It’s no secret we all enjoy sex and when a man and woman can forge this type of arrangement they both enjoy the benefits of it. On many occasions both the man and his woman will have a stable relationship on the side that may have grown stale in the sexual department.

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