Love is important, but is it really everything?

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  11. Now don't tell me that a woman who recognizes those signs somehow brought it on herself. If you think that, I have a nice bridge for sale cheap.
  13. I take responsibility for how I treat my husband. He's not an abuser. I don't obey him. I talk back. I tell him off when I think he's wrong. But I treat him as a human being with intrinsic worth. And he knows I love him.
  15. If either party isn't doing that, it's not fair to cast blame on the one who is being attacked.
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  18. You are so Right Romantic Reality
  19. It is true about a marriage being passonate and exciting. Hell I can be miserable all by myself.
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  22. Fear and Trust
  23. The other night, my man put his hand around the back of my neck, pushed me to my knees and bent me over the bed. I had NO idea what he was planning to do to me and yes, I was scared. However, I know he wouldn't hurt me, I trust him and I trusted him enough that though I was afraid of what was going to happen, I never once asked and it made me so hot it wasn't even funny. So, yes, I would say fear and trust can exist together. I would even venture a little farther to say that I also think that trusting someone as much as you have to trust someone in a relationship like this could in and of itself cause a certain level of fear for anyone because you're so vulnerable.

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