Alpha, beta, etc

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  10. Honest debate allows naysayers....but it also allows me to stand up and say YES...take me in hand, I am strong enough to know that it is both what I want and what I am and what I need. To be taken in hand is what lead me to this site, and as long as there are people brave enough to express the desire to take someone in hand, that will keep me here.
  12. by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 Oct 4 - 21:13 | reply to this comment
  13. Submissive or Brought to Submission?
  14. Having followed this discussion for some time, I must say I still haven't got a clue what the difference is between being submissive or being brought to submission, I think the distinction is too subtle for me. I mean, I can't really see how you can be brought to submission if you are not willing to submit, and if you are willing to sbumit, then you are submissive, aren't you?
  16. I would just like to remark though that I am submissive (mostly) to my husband, not because I am weak or a doormat or anything, but because I find it very, very sexy (and, yes, kinky too).

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