Jerks get chicks

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  9. Figure it out ladies as you all will bear the costs of this. Not I. I’m pretty much good to go and no way will I ever let myself get into a situation as gloomy as this one. It’s frightening to even think about it.
  11. All these nerdy betas out there that think they need to learn social skills or bring some game to the table only need to do a few things. Get ahead in life, pay off your debts ASAP or don’t get into debt and by all means avoid most of the women who have become debt slaves. That increasingly means avoiding many college graduates who have some meaningless degree that can’t provide a descent living yet have incurred the debt to acquire it. Six figure debts accrued while in college gives you absolutely no power in the dating and relationship arena. None. The same can be said of men as well but many of them who graduate with debt major in fields that can pay those debts off. Many degrees women choose to major in cannot.
  13. And ladies, may I suggest you stop with the mumbo jumbo that you’ve been taught to believe in. As more stories like this circulate amongst men, the more likely men will shun relationships ever further. Even the so called socially clueless and desperate males won’t stick around in situations like this. Many can sit there are fantasize about their Prince Charming, Mr Right or whomever but when men are faced with these problems created by women, and are expected to be dealt with by them when they get with women, they are thinking something completely different. Men in all reality don’t need sexual power, social dominance or anything remotely related to it. What they really need is buying power and good character. Any woman that finds that better be grateful that she did and do everything to keep it. And guys, know the true power you have as many out there don’t want you to realize it. It’s not in the bling but the bring.
  15. 47Dilithium September 4, 2010 at 12:13 pm
  16. I’m glad that Susan is trying to expand beyond the highly reductionist alpha/beta dichotomy. But I’m not sure that there’s all that much new, here, yet. Pivoting off this remark:
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  20. J:“As I’ve said before, I love competant men. A prestigious male is a competant one. He offers steak and sizzle.”
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  24. J, does this include competent scientists, engineers and computer programmers? They do important work, some of which is fascinating even to non-experts, and are typically very competent at what they do. But, if you find competent nerds appealing, then I’m afraid you are in a very small — though lucky! — minority of women.

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