Do pretty girls have it harder

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  10. “Do pretty girls have it harder?” Umm not usually. And not untypically it's certainly a 'two way street'. they're also looking for the 'pretty boys' who like share in some of their characteristics, issues & problems. That's only part of the central problem here.
  12. The other of course is the supreme tragedy that like, they get paid more 'cause they're prettier, hired more often because of it, liked more for this, (yes, resented for it too), given free gifts just for being 'fabulous', and yeah they seemingly & often age better too. So yeah. Just speaking for my short fat slobbo self (and those of my fellow countrymen), I feel for them. I just can't tell you where.
  14. But No, “Do beautiful women have a harder time finding real love? ” Not anymore than anyone else. It's what they're seeking that's often the problem. If they seek to consistently demand a 'premium' of attention/worship/reward/status/riches Just because they're 'beautiful'? They're going to be often disappointed. As are the rest of us who were/are 'lucky' enough to date a few of these 'high bred' wonders. Then we come to realize that no one's ever mentioned to them about possibly adding any 'value added' features to their pretty faces and/or 'banging' bods. Like high intelligence. Or a cultivated interest in the world around them and serious study of some aspect of this. Perhaps a knowledge and participation in the arts. Some real empathy for the suffering that goes on all around us. This is what makes people truly beautiful. It's the cultivation of things concerning beauty & truth & justice. And truly, beauty w/o brains? Is really boring, just as one might suspect. It gets old very fast. Faster than anyone might suspect too.
  16. But yeah we do not often find this in 20 somethings or even 30 somethings, and so much the mores' the pity for it. So I strongly suspect that things 'even out' as we age. The aging beauties slowly discover the rest of the world & become friendly with more the 'normals' or 'mere mortals'. They let their hair down and come to appreciate life more for what it is and their roles in it. That's when real love can blossom for anyone. IMHO. Cheers, 'VJ'
  18. 2susanawalsh September 11, 2009 at 5:19 pm
  19. I hear you, VJ, and I expected this response. I know this does happen, beautiful women expecting to be worshipped and adored. But honestly? I personally know at least a dozen young women who are the whole package: Lovely to look at, smart, curious, funny, interesting, generous. And they're all unattached. It strikes me as bizarre. Of course, they're not alone – many young women who would like to be in a relationship are unable to find one, at least a quality one. But it's been my observation that the real knockouts often get only the kind of attention from men that no woman wants (unless she's walking the streets).

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