I’m A Call You A Single BBW

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  9. As I have been working my own version of Cindy Lu's groundbreaking dating formula (The Four Man Plan: A Romantic Science) I've had to look a bit more closely at my own dating history or, as I like to imagine it, Call to Insanity: My Trail of Tears.
  12. Note: If you have heard of this book before, you are a lady AND you are reading this blog just go ahead and admit that you need some help and buy this book now!
  14. Click here to find your copy
  15. All the rest of you can read my review here Review: The Four Man Plan, A Romantic Science
  17. I have always known that we ladies have a treasure chest of gifts to share with the world. Our wealth is apparent.
  20. Thing is, until I started connecting with men who were honestly capable and willing to support my charge to do so, I tended to squander said gifts in an oh so, dramatically taxing manner.
  22. Starved for emotional healing and affection, I collected the crumbs of romance I received like a castaway. Next thing I knew I'd wake up treading water in the deep end with the last guy to come sniffing around.
  24. My Ocean of Feminine Essence
  25. Now, this schmuck finds himself drowning, in lavish style mind you, in an ocean of feminine beauty having done little to nothing to prove he can be trusted to hold it sacred and consistently  available.
  28. He feels a bit like he's gotten something for nothing and thus the inevitable happens. He goes running off in some other direction, to some other relationship, where the scales might be a bit more balanced.
  30. And there I was left standing agog, my hands reaching in the direction of his receding image.
  32. The Four Man Plan gave me some much needed perspective as well as some practical structure to change my ways and get hip to the following possibilities:
  34. That what you've told people you are willing to accept is exactly what you are receiving
  35. That sometimes you only need change the way you ask in order to find that which you seek
  36. That a girl becomes a Woman once she stands in stillness with her arms open wide.
  37. That a man's way of treating other men is the truest test of his masculine maturity
  38. That the man of substance stands out from all the rest
  39. That the woman of consequence is an incomparable catch
  41. It all becomes crystalline clear when observed from a greater distance.
  44. We can meet in the middle
  46. It's this type of distance that makes the dating game a sure fire way to grow oneself on up.

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