About male bashing

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  10. With all of this being said, I have been interviewing at least three new women every day about relationships in general. A few of the conclusions? You should rarely, if ever, go for a phone number if you meet a girl in the night club. Unless she's a complete whore and her friends know it, it is impossible to sleep with the girl until you win over her friends first. And if you're a player, women are going to know it. I could go on and on, but I'll save that for the guide.
  12. I got into an interesting discussion with Johnny Soporno about the hottest of the hottest women in night clubs, and he brought across an interesting point; that all of those women are having sex for money or something of monetary value.
  14. At first, I disagreed, assuming he was talking about hot women in general, but when he clarified that he was referring to the hottest of the hottest, I couldn't disagree. All of those fucking super hot girls that you see in the top tier nightclubs? Coke whores, as I like to call them.
  16. I've promoted from time to time, and I know for a fact that these girls latch on to guys that have something of monetary value to them. A lot of these coke whores that seem out of reach will latch on to guys that can get them into clubs for free, skip the lines, and get in their friends without I.D.'s.
  18. And many of these same girls are addicted to cocaine or some other drug that a certain group of men can provide. All of these girls hang out with each other, and follow around the same group of men. Unless you have $500 in your pocket or a drug connect, you can forget about picking them up.
  20. To be straight up, I can walk into a club, go outside where the smokers are, talk to a few girls, and within ten minutes, I'll be walking home with a group of girls to go smoke a blunt. Just ridiculously easy. All I have to do is mention drugs, and the women come.
  22. And I admit, that ever since I severed my ties with the whole club promotion and drug scene, it has become more difficult to pick up those top tier women. Unless you are associated with one of the drug dealers or have drugs of your own, they won't even look at you (unless you look like a drug dealer yourself). I don't care how good your game is, a drug addiction overcomes all.
  24. Many of these girls have very good jobs and careers ahead of them, as Johnny pointed out. I've dated and slept with many of these girls, and they live very normal lives outside of the club scene. I'm not going to say who, but there are quite a few girls in my blog that have/had their drug issues.
  26. The drug scene is HUGE. I have a good friend who said that the last time he walked into a club (I wont say which one), he walked out with $200 bucks in twenty minutes. All from cocaine. If you think that the hottest of the hot women aren't on some kind of drug or fucking a guy for money, think again. Pay attention, and you'll begin to see that they all hang together and follow the same group of men around.

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