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  10. Three weeks into it, we had sex. I wanted to hold off as long as possible because I wanted to see what his real intentions were, it was great, but I couldn't help but half regret that I did it. Things just got weird afterwards. A week after that, he started grad school and his texts/calls went from everyday to every other day and his replies weren't so quick. That was two weeks ago, I've moved to a city about two hours away and I haven't talked to him in over a week. Last time I called him I told him I was going to be coming home to visit and told him I wanted to meet up and hang out. He told me he was out of town for the entire weekend and basically told me to call him when I was going to be coming back again, but to give him notice ahead of time.
  12. This whole thing has been so hard for me to deal with, I put my feelings out there and I feel so used by him, the worst part of it all is that I could never see him doing that. Things were so good until we had sex and now I'm still hurting over it. I want to call him but I know at the same time he doesn't want to continue it. What do I do??
  14. 4susanawalsh September 21, 2009 at 5:53 am
  15. Hi LeslieL, nice to meet you. Thanks for trusting me with your question. OK, I have a few thoughts.
  17. 1. It is MAJOR that when you and he started something you both knew that you were moving away in a month. I've actually discussed this with guys — they view that as an expiration date. They figure, why should I make a commitment to someone who is leaving very soon? This happens a lot over the summer, when kids are home from college. A summer romance starts, the girl is all about it, figures, let's be together as much as possible, and the guy is wary because of the expiration date.
  19. 2. It is also very significant that he started grad school. Aside from the enormous stress, wanting to get off to a good start, make a good impression, etc., it is possible that he is looking forward to meeting new people. He may be hedging his bets.
  21. 3. Although it is clear he has pulled away, I'm not so sure that things got weird because of the sex. 1. and 2. may have a lot to do with it. By asking you to make plans ahead of time, he is signaling that you and he are not in a relationship, and that you cannot make any assumptions.
  23. I am so sorry you got hurt. It is possible that he used you, but it is also very possible that his feelings were/are real, and that your relationship was sabotaged by bad timing. Most guys will not happily conduct a long-distance relationship. It's all the work without the frequent company/sex.


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