This is only the beginning of craigslist dating

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  10. What I love about our lay reports is that at the end of every report, we are able to break-down exactly what is going on at any point of time during the course of the seduction. Obviously, it ain’t some drunk/”Get Lucky” night. The AWARENESS of TDD-ers ensures that nothing is left to chance. WE KNOW WHAT THE FUCK WE ARE DOING! Knowing the craft and way to success is the reason why we seem to get it right all the time. This is what we are about.
  11. Alright boys, this is Xavier, signing out. Arrivederci, A presto!
  13. I was just on twitter and I noticed two girls I know tweeting each other in @ replies, and I couldn’t help but think that I should’ve banged both of them at one point in time.
  15. One of them lived and went to college in my hometown, and when I was in town I hung out with her at the mall once.  In the parking lot, in her car.  We made out, things got steamy, I licked her breast a little bit, but was met with playful resistance when I tried to move her to the backseat to fuck.  When I tried to go to the backseat her response was something like, “not tonight.  I’ll come visit you in [my college town] sometime, though.”  Eventually it led to her walking me back to my car for more playful making out and ass grabbing and me driving back to college.  I called her when I got back that night, because she asked me to, but then I never really called her again.  She was 300 miles away, so I didn’t put in the effort, and I let it fade.

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