Pain and ecstacy

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  10. I elected to accept my husband's guidance as the head of our home.
  11. Do I always agree with his choices? Heck no! However, in that we discuss each and every issue prior to a decision being made, I do submit to his final judgment should mine differ.
  13. As for the spanking element, I think that I speak for MANY women when I say that spanking goes well beyond intercourse and orgasm. It reaches a part of the soul that nothing else can reach. And yes, I believe that my husband realizes that at that moment, he knows all of me and I know all of him. Words certainly don't get to that place, and frankly, neither does intercourse (even when it's phenomenal!)
  15. Spanking that is done out of love for the woman is a very powerful thing. The naked state that Noone described is one that allows the woman to be free; then lying across her husband's lap is a connection that can't be described simply. Perhaps it would suffice to say that it produces a complete sensation of trust and a feeling of complete submission to the husband.
  17. Noone was right on target when he said that after a spanking, the woman is psychologically and physically exhausted. I believe that this is because that place deep in the mind and soul has been reached and "freed"; a complete catharsis is often achieved.
  19. I respect that this may not be the experience for everyone, however, we must respect the effect that discipline within our relationships has for each of us. As long as the key ingredients of love, trust and communication are present, it is a private matter between the two.

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