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  9. 135Sai November 9, 2012 at 11:37 am
  10. “Haha, I love the word mischief, but in this case it will not be of the impish, entertaining variety.”
  14. @mr. wavevector
  15. I am always bad at grasping this subject… How is submission a demand for care?
  16. I understand why any man would love having somebody around to follow all his instructions. But everything I read about it on the web smacks of “God made men superior and brains in women are just vestigial structures, what you think and like do not matter.” If I agree to do everything he says, he could then order me to not expect to be taken care of (I didn’t), and take care of my darn self and him, and I’d be trapped but good. Is this the vulnerability you were referring to? (It makes me think of Davy Jones’ heart in PotC 2.)
  17. I know nothing of subtlety though. Or dancing. (If you squint hard enough you can smell awkwardness and fear.)
  19. @Jackie
  20. “And they were a lot smaller, overall, too. Not just skinnier. Smaller.”
  21. A teacher once told me that as more people got access to better food, average heights increased. (Unfortunately, so did something else.)
  23. @VD
  24. “The problem is that women are unlikely to abide by sexual rules that are not violently enforced. Which is why the long term societal consequence is more likely the burqah than the brothel.”
  25. Will I still be alive when that nightmare hits?
  27. @Susan
  28. “I get what you are saying, truly. But I’m willing to ally myself with people in certain ways (without giving an overall stamp of approval), to bring about positive change.”
  29. Allied Forces, yo.
  31. @Ion
  32. “If you’re an LTR oriented woman, in a sea of cads, they might as well be a 600 pound woman. You just sit home and forget you ever had a sex drive.”
  33. +1
  35. “I think the best thing to do definitely is to make a list of what femininity is via what we learned in pop culture and deconstruct each point individually.”
  36. Also +1

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