Online Dating Again Makes Me Nervious

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  10. The weather is getting warmer, and single women and men are almost rid of their cabin fever. Oh yes, it’s Springtime, when the buds of new love bloom. But, after spending months secluded in your home watching reruns of Downtown Abbey on Netflix during your Friday and Saturday nights, how do you fathom the pursuit of romance once again? How can you get out of your Winter rut?
  12. Many single women use the excuse of cold weather to hide out and would rather order a pizza and watch their favorite movie for the hundredth time, thinking “I will get out there and start meeting people when it get’s warmer.” Ladies, there really is no time like the present. Don’t let you Winter rut hinder your ability to meet men. Be proactive. Create a profile on an online dating site or update the one you already have. Start thinking ahead. Contact guys that you’re not only attracted to, but also guys that like the same activities you do. Make the first move instead of waiting for “Mr. Right” to come along. There is no shame in putting yourself out there.
  14. I Feel Fat
  16. Oh, don’t we all!! It’s common to gain some “winter weight” while all you have been doing is sitting on your couch every night and eating. Here is a tip, and it’s not something you would hear on a Jillian Michael’s workout tape: Get out of the house. Plan outdoor activities, like biking or even taking a long brisk walk through the park. Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for the body, and before you know it, those extra pounds you gained during the Winter will be melting off in no time! Plus, exercise boosts endorphins, which will keep you in a happy and positive mood once you start dating again.

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